Success: A Worthy Destination

The stories of people achieving unusual success despite all manner of handicaps never fail to capture our attention. They’re inspirational to be sure. But they’re much more than that if we study them closely. The boy whose legs were terribly burned and who was told he’d be lucky to ever walk again becomes a champion track star. The woman blind and deaf from infancy becomes one of the most inspirational figures of the century. And the poor children who rise to fame and fortune have nearly become commonplace.

In this age of unprecedented immigration, we see examples of people who start off in this world with virtually nothing and within a surprisingly short time have become wonderfully successful.

What sets these people apart, people with vast handicaps such as not knowing the language, not knowing the right people, not having any money? What drives the boy with the burned legs who becomes the champion runner or a Helen Keller, blind and deaf who becomes one of the most inspirational figures of our time? The answer, if fully understood, will bring you and me anything and everything we truly want, and it’s deceptively simple. Perhaps it’s too simple.

The people we’ve talked about here and the thousands currently doing the same thing all over the world are in possession of something the average person doesn’t have. They have goals. They have a burning desire to succeed despite all obstacles and handicaps. They know exactly what they want; they think about it every day of their lives. It gets them up in the morning, and it keeps them giving their very best all day long. It’s the last thing they think about before dropping off to sleep at night. They have a vision of exactly what they want to do, and that vision carries them over every obstacle.

This vision, this dream, this goal, invisible to all the world except the person holding it, is responsible for perhaps every great advance and achievement of humankind. It’s the underlying motive for just about everything we see about us. Everything worthwhile achieved by men and women is a dream come true, a goal reached. It’s been said that what the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

It’s the fine building where before there was an empty lot or an old eyesore. It’s the bridge spanning the bay. It’s landing on the moon. And it’s that little convenience store in Midtown Manhattan. It’s the lovely home on a tree-shaded street and the young person accepting the diploma. It’s a low golf handicap and a position reached in the world of business. It’s a certain income attained or amount of money invested. What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

We become what we think about. And when we’re possessed by an exciting goal, we reach it. That’s why it’s been said, “Be choosy, therefore, of what you set your heart upon. For if you want it strongly enough, you’ll get it.”

Americans can have anything they want. The trouble is they don’t know what they want. Oh, they want little things. They want a new car; they get it. They want a new refrigerator; they get it. They want a new home and they get it. The system never fails for them, but they don’t seem to understand that it is a system. Nor that if it’ll work for a refrigerator or a new car, it will work for anything else they want very much, just as well.

Goals are the very basis of any success. It is in fact the definition of success. The best definition of success I’ve ever found goes like this, “Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal.” Or in some cases the pursuit of a worthy “ideal.” It’s a beautiful definition of success. It means that anyone who’s on course toward the fulfillment of a goal is successful.

Now, success doesn’t lie in the achievement of a goal, although that’s what the world considers success; it lies in the journey toward the goal. We’re successful as long as we’re working toward something we want to bring about in our lives. That’s when the human being is at his or her best. That’s what Cervantes meant when he wrote, “The road is better than the inn.” We’re at our best when we’re climbing, thinking, planning, working. When we’re on the road toward something we want to bring about.

With our definition, success being the progressive realization of a worthy goal, we cover all the bases. The young person working to finish school is as successful as any person on earth. The person working toward a particular position with his or her company is just as successful. If you have a goal that you find worthy of you as a person, a goal that fills you with joy at the thought of it, believe me, you’ll reach it. But as you draw near and see that the goal will soon be achieved, begin to think ahead to the next goal you’re going to set. It often happens that a writer halfway through a book will hit upon the idea for his next one and begin making notes or ideas for a title even while he’s finishing work on the one in progress. That’s the way it should be.

It’s estimated that about 5% of the population achieves unusual success. For the rest, average seems to be good enough. Most seem to just drift along, taking circumstances as they come, and perhaps hoping from time to time that things will get better.

I like to compare human beings with ships, as Carlyle used to do. It’s estimated that about 95 percent can be compared to ships without rudders, subject to every shift of wind and tide. They’re helplessly adrift, and while they fondly hope that they will one day drift into some rich and bustling port, for every narrow harbor entrance, there are 1,000 miles of rocky coastline. The chances of their drifting into port are 1,000 to 1 against them. Our state lottery is a tax on such people. So are the slot machines in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Someone wins from time to time to be sure, but the odds are still there … stacked steeply against them.

But the 5 percent who have taken the time and exercised the discipline to climb into the driver’s seat of their lives, who’ve decided upon a challenging goal to reach and have fully committed themselves to reaching it, sail straight and far across the deep oceans of life, reaching one port after another and accomplishing more in just a few years than the rest accomplish in a lifetime.

If you should visit a ship in port and ask the captain for his next port of call, he’ll tell you in a single sentence. Even though the captain cannot see his port, his  destination  for fully 99% of the voyage, he knows it’s there. And then, barring an unforeseen and highly unlikely catastrophe, he’ll reach it. If someone asks you for your next port of call, your goal, could you tell him? Is your goal clean and concise in your mind? Do you have it written down? It’s a good idea. We need reminding, reinforcement. If you can get a picture of your goal and stick it to your bathroom mirror, it’s an excellent idea to do so. Thousands of successful people carry their goals written on a card in their wallets or purses.

When you ask people what they’re working for, chances are they’ll answer in vague generalities. They might say, “Oh, good health or happiness or lots of money.” That’s not good enough. Good health should be a universal goal. We all want that, and do our best to achieve and maintain it. Happiness is a byproduct of something else. And lots of money is much too vague. It might work, but I think it’s better to choose a particular sum of money. The better, the clearer our goal is defined, the more real it becomes to us, and before long, the more attainable.

Happiness comes from the direction in which we’re moving. Children are happier on Christmas morning before opening their presents than they are Christmas afternoon. No matter how wonderful their presents may be, it’s after Christmas. They’ll enjoy their gifts, to be sure, but we often find them querulous and irritable Christmas afternoon. We’re happier on our way out to dinner than we are on the way home. We’re happier going on vacation than we are coming home from it. And we’re happier moving toward our goals than even after they’ve been accomplished, believe it or not.

Life plays no favorites. Yet of one thing you may be sure, you will become what you think about. If your thinking is circular and chaotic, your life will reflect that chaos. But if your thinking is orderly and clear, if you have a goal that’s important for you to reach, then reach it you will. One goal at a time. That’s important. That’s where most people unwittingly make their mistake. They don’t concentrate on a single goal long enough to reach it before they’re off on another track, then another, with the result that they achieve nothing. Nothing but confusion and excuses.

By thinking every morning, every night, and as many times during the day as you can about this exciting single goal you’ve established for yourself, you actually begin moving toward it and bringing it toward you. When you concentrate your thinking, it’s like taking a river that’s twisting and turning and meandering all over the countryside and putting it into a straight, smooth channel. Now it has power, direction, economy, speed.

So decide upon your goal. Insist upon it. Demand it! Look at your goal card every morning and night and as many times during the day as you conveniently can. By so doing, you will insinuate your goal into your subconscious mind. You’ll see yourself as having already attained your goal, and do that every day without fail, and it will become a habit before you realize it. A habit that will take you from one success to another all the years of your life. For that is the secret of success, the door to everything you will ever have or be.

You are now and you most certainly will become … what you think about.

Source by Earl Nightingale

Reasons to Have CCTV Surveillance Cameras

CCTV surveillance cameras are one of the necessities that a home should have. The crime rates in a lot of cities have reached an alarming level. A lot of robberies have happened which at times includes murder. A surveillance camera has been proven to be quite effective in keeping the safety of one’s family and property. Having a surveillance camera in one’s home can help identify the culprit. Not only that, it can also help stop an ongoing robbery or at times even prevent it.

It has been proven that crime rate have decreased and it is all due to CCTV that are installed in critical areas. This has been quite effective in stopping criminals from targeting some homes that have a surveillance camera. If you are one of those individuals, who values the lives of their families and their properties, then a surveillance camera can be a very wise investment. Criminals would definitely think twice before attempting any robbery at your area. This is due to the fact that police responds quickly upon requests of operators for assistance in your area.

There are a lot of cameras out there but a CCTV system is one of the best. It price does vary upon the needs of a buyer. If one needs only a single camera then one has to expect to pay $100 or more. This will also mean that the more cameras will be installed then the price will have to follow. One can expect to pay a thousand dollars or more for numerous security cameras that will installed in your property.

Huge expenses can be lessened. This can be done by first identifying what part of your property is more prone to possible forced entry. A sufficient lighting and the proper installation of the camera can prove to be more efficient. It is also wise to install CCTV surveillance cameras in areas that do not have sufficient lighting. Since it is a fact, most robbers and thefts look for entry ways that are less conspicuous and quite dark. If one has one of these security cameras, they can sleep more soundly at night and can go on a worry free vacation.

Top Student Travel Destinations

Getting a chance to study abroad or travel as a student can be very exciting. For many students it is a once in a life time opportunity. Majority of colleges offer study abroad programs or exchange programs that give students a chance to travel, learn a new culture and language. While everyone has their dream  destination  in mind when they want to travel, there are some places that are better for students because they can experience the culture in its entirety.

Italy is always a top choice for most students, but where in Italy? Well, the Bay of Naples has some great potential for students abroad. If you want authentic Italian lifestyle and culture, then you may want to stay in a city that is less traveled than places like Rome, Naples, and Sorrento. Castellammare di Stabia, Italy is a great town to visit. The Vesuvian Institute there offers rooms and authentic Italian dining so if you want to be immersed in the culture as a student; it’s the place to be. For those who like history, while in the Bay of Naples, you should visit Pompeii and Herculaneum, cities that were destroyed yet perfectly persevered in the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. If you want to go shopping and experience some views, hope on a ferry and head to Capri. The Island of Capri has tons of Italian shopping, spectacular view, and its own history.

Visiting Australia is fun no matter where you stay. Students can explore Tasmanian forests, or enjoy the urban area of Sydney. Australians like to have fun and love adventure, so there is all sorts of things you can do like go bungee jumping, sky dive, and surf. For those who like marine biology or the ocean, Australia is a perfect spot for you to explore the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Queensland, the island north east of the country.

Switzerland is great for student travel or study abroad. By train, you can travel across Switzerland in about 3 hours, and you are surrounded by Germany, France, and Italy. The cultures collide in different cities throughout the country. So, if you want to experience 4 different cultures, you can do that in Switzerland. One city may only speak German, then an hour on the train; you are in a city that only speaks French. For those who are interested in Anthropology, come observe the different cultures and learn more about the lives of the multicultural people of Switzerland.

Whether you are traveling for as a study abroad student or just on vacation for summer, you can probably find your paradise overseas. Perhaps though, you feel like you can’t travel for the summer because you need to take classes, you can always take your classes online. Or, up and move overseas and get your degree online. Whichever way you decide to go about taking classes, you should look into traveling. Find out what each city and country has to offer your and what you would like to learn. There are so many things that we can learn from traveling and I believe everyone should do it at least once in their life.

Source by Jenni McNeal

River Rafting in Nepal – Best Adventure Destination

Introduction. Rafting is one of the best ways to explore a typical cross section of natural as well as ethno cultural heritage in Nepal. This beautiful land in the heart of Asia has been blessed with numerous fast flowing rivers that gush down from the Himalayas. Whipping down through rushing rivers among crashing waves and swirling moves can make your trip the most exciting life time experience.

Why Rafting in Nepal? River Rafting is a fascinating means of getting to know the country as the rivers flow through some of the most enchanting landscapes that include snow-covered mountains, terraced hillsides, sparkling waterfalls, lush green valleys and typical, charming little Nepali Villages. You can glide on calm jade-green water with magnificent scenery all around you or rush through roaring white rapids in the care of expert river Guides

What are the rafting spots in Nepal? Nepal has many rivers for you to explore. The rivers open for rafting in Nepal are enchanting spots like those of River Tamur, Arun, Dudh koshi, Likhu, Tamakoshi, Sunkoshi and Indravati within the Koshi river system in eastern Nepal. Likewise, the rivers like those of Kaligandaki, Budi Gandaki, Marsyangdi, Trishuli, Bhote Koshi, Seti, Madi and Daraundi within the Gandaki river system are other most sought after rafting spots in Nepal. In addition to this, Humla Karnali, Seti Karnali, Bheri and Mugu Karnali of the Karnali river system in far western Nepal are equally reputed rafting destination in Nepal.

What is the best time for rafting in Nepal? The best time for rafting in Nepal is from October to mid December and March to the end of May. During the monsoon months of June to Mid August the white water section is quite dangerous but still possible to go Rafting in Grade 3 Rivers such as in the Trishuli and Seti Rivers. Nepal is popular for one of the best destinations for white water rafting. For those hoping to squeeze in a bit of adrenaline-high activities, head for the rivers of Nepal. Whipping down rushing rivers amid crashing waves and swirling rapids can make your trip the most exciting of your lifetime.

Conclusion. Do you want to activate your spirit for adventure? If rafting is your thrilling passion then it, of course, is a proven fact that Nepal with no other options is your best choice. Be ready to whip down through rushing rivers among crashing waves and swirling moves. Now it is your turn, like many other romantic spirits, to accept the challenge of Rafting in Nepal.

Source by Puru Timalsena

Ultimate Tourist Destination – Jamaica

Jamaica offers a lot when it comes to tourist  destinations . If you want a piece of Jamaica’s history, you could go to Kingston and visit Jamaica’s government and commerce epicentre, the beating pulse of its politics, and the creative outlet of its people. Or if you’re looking for leisure, you could visit Negril, a favourite  destination  for families, honeymooners and spring vacationers. Negril’s picturesque coast, lined with towering cliffs and bustling beaches, is home to many world-class all-inclusive resorts, as well as nightlife hotspots.

If you like shopping and dining, go to Montego Bay. With its “Hip Strip” booming with shops, restaurants and clubs, championship golf courses on lavish resorts, and legendary Colonial great houses, Montego Bay’s mixed scenery of natural beauty and man-made luxury makes it a favorite tourist  destination .

For nature lovers, Ocho Rios would satisfy you with the natural beauty of its waterfalls, rivers and beaches to the grandeur of its all-inclusive resorts. “Ochi” has always been a favorite  destination  for all types of travelers, including eco-tourists, families, and sports enthusiasts. Just a few kilometers away from Ocho Rios is the Stingray City, the most beautiful site for stingray watching.Jamaica also has great botanical forests and gardens, including a wonderful, gigantic zoo. The Hope Zoo and the Hope Garden are amongst the best ones to visit.

There is also a very grand museum in Jamaica of Bob Marley, the well-known king of Reggae music. It is located at the capital of Jamaica. There are many things to experience in this museum such as informative tours and fine dining in exotic restaurants located all around the area.

Port Antonio is one of the best-kept secret vacation spots of Hollywood’s rich and famous. Port Antonio’s eclectic heritage and majestic landscapes make it the perfect  destination  for travelers seeking an authentic Jamaican experience. You could also travel to the South Coast to discover hidden treasures, like serene butterscotch beaches with some of the best seafood eateries in the world, the crocodile-filled Black River and welcoming people who love to share their culture and traditions with visitors.

Once you have visited, you will want to come back time and time again, since it is one of few  destinations  that offers something for everyone, and it really takes more than one vacation to even have time to do everything that Jamaica offers. So if you need an ideal vacation  destination , be sure to check out Jamaica because it could be the best vacation you have ever taken.

Source by Greg Pierce

BOSE V20 Home Theater System Review

BOSE V20 Home Theater System, just by reading this name, we imagine a experience in itself one which is associated with the name itself Bose,but does BOSE V20 Home Theater System live upto the Bose brand name,its upto you to decide.

Lets look at some of its technical aspects:

-You can customize the whole system according to your needs by adding hi-def sources.

-All in one solution,Indoor and outdoor.

-This system has video upscaling feature which adjusts this system to work at the highest resolution of your television set,which gives you the most clearest picture quality possible.

Not let us look at the Product Description:

This System creates a whole new experience that cannot be fulfilled by any other home theater system.It is a versatile system which is completely compatible with all your audio and video sources. This system consists of speaker array which are pretty compact. This system also frees you from the hassles of receivers which are complex and which come with dozens of remotes. This entire system is controlled by a single universal remote. The main advantage of this system is the ability to operate at the highest resolution at which your television set can operate. Another important feature of BOSE V20 Home Theater System is that it works great in an outdoor surrounding also.

So should you buy BOSE V20 Home Theater System?Well I have and am pretty happy with it. the next question which may arise you is where the hell do i get it from?Well I have included the links from where i got it a significant discount to the market rate(see below for my page details).You can also get it from many other sources. All in all I would say just go for this great BOSE V20 Home Theater System, its worth your money.

London Travel Destination Guide

London in the United Kingdom is a city that never gets tired. Like the best cities in the world, London is an expensive city to live in or travel. Nevertheless, do not lose hope since you can still travel to London affordably, although it is not the rock bottom price you must go after, but the value you get for your money.

Sightseeing Big Ben or visiting the Queen Mother in London need not be as expensive as you anticipated. If you are planning to check out the colorful guards of Buckingham Palace, it could be as affordable as it could get if you do wise and careful planning.

London Accommodations

In London, you can save in accommodations because of the vast array of places to stay. Many are far more superior compared to others but they will come at a higher cost. Typical hotels in London are very expensive, although they are not even the five star ones. Any ordinary hotel in a nearby tourist attraction will cost over $200 USD per stay. The only bonus you can get in staying in these expensive hotels is the easy access to whenever you want to go. The cheaper ones are farther away from London and might need you to ride in a bus, double Decker or taxi to your  destination . Staying in these far away hotels means bigger savings on your part and most will include continental breakfast and meals.

Hostels Instead of Hotels

If you are looking for hostels then the names Globetrotters, St. Christopher’s Inn and YHA are the places for you. They are all located right in the heart of London too and they cost only a fraction of the price of really high-class accommodations. Try to avoid going through any agency and try to book directly in the hotel. You can use the internet to search for the websites of the hotels, hostels and inns that you are interested in.

If you are young and hip, you can avail of the advantages of a hostel. It may lack direct privacy but it is way cheaper than your average hotels. Always book in advance and not days prior to your stay, and always remember that while you are in London, expect to stay and spend a lot of time inside your room because of the weather. This is not a trip to a tropical country where hotels have pools and spas. What matters most is that you have yourself a clean room, a good bath, and a very comfortable bed. However, please try not to imprison yourself in your room when having dinners or meals. Try to step outside and look for better and interesting places for you to dine in. You will find out that London has a lot to offer when it comes to fine dining, cafes and bakeries.

Source by Alexa Filip

Destination Happiness

Sometimes, when we are feeling sad or depressed, it is hard for us to ever imagine that we were happy once. We all have issues in life that can unsettle us. Loss of a relationship, financial loss, loss of a loved one, loss of a job and so on. There is no one who is immune to loss, but we can surely immunize ourselves against long term pain. In fact we must. If we don’t pull ourselves out of the crevice, we will go in much deeper and sabotage any chance of happiness.

Often when any kind of loss takes place we start to grieve not for the loss, but for the effect it has on our being. We suddenly start to feel worthless. We start to see life as nothing but a chore and see no joy in living. We start to feel ugly on the inside and outside, we feel alone and insecure.

Although the feelings feel justified, we need to realize that they are not true. So what if we lost a relationship, a job, money. Does that make one a bad person? But that is what starts to happen in our heads, we lose perspective and start to blame ourselves and start to feel guilty about how we would have in some way or the other contributed to that loss. Often even when things are beyond our control, we end up apportioning blame towards ourselves.

The first step towards instant recovery is to realize that things happen and sometimes the outcome is not what we had hoped for or wanted. So instead of blaming others or yourselves, focus on raising your own vibration so that you can start to attract the good times . Staying in the negative field drags us further into negativity and pain and blocks the recovery.

Let’s get on board the train/bus/plane to  destination  “Happiness”.

So you are feeling lousy- Get up, go to a mirror and say all the bad things that come to your mind. Call yourself a failure, call yourself names, call yourself stupid for not being able to foresee the situation and blame yourself for all that went wrong. Now have a good cry. How does it feel? Does it feel good to berate yourself?

Probably not!

So let’s change the record. Go back to the mirror and now say to yourself the following.

– ( your name) you are beautiful.

– you are talented.

– you are lovable.

– you are lucky.

– you are amazing.

– you are brilliant.

Keep going . Find adjectives that uplift you and look yourself in the eyes and say that to yourself. You don’t need to believe what you say, but just say it.

Remember, “Fake it till you make it.” This may sound flakey and superficial and it probably is. The focus at this stage is not on truth or untruth….All we are trying to do is raise the vibrations of our being so that we are now ready to face the situation in a more positive way.

You may feel emotions welling up and you may feel like crying. Accept that it is OK to be upset and sad, but remind yourself that even though you can’t seem to find any reason to be happy, there is still something to look forward to. Dig deep within and find some happy memory and stay with it for a while. It may not want to stay long, and may want to be replaced by the sadness of the moment. Accept it. Allow it to stay , but treat it like an unwanted guest and then very quickly start thinking of another happy memory…. It might be difficult, but force yourself to think of at least one happy moment/blessing and dwell on it for a while.

Do this exercise and see if there is a shift in your emotions. You should start to feel better. Even though the feeling may be short lived, it’s a start.

Source by Shveitta Sethi Sharma

Splendid Cruise Destinations

Cruising is the best way to enjoy your lavish holidays. Cruising around the world is the new way of spending holidays. More and more people are opting for traveling by this around the world. It is a luxury that an increasing number of tourists are shelling out money for.

Different types of cruises around the world

There are different styles that you can opt for like

  • Group and theme type If you set off for a theme cruise, it is quite likely that you will meet co-passengers sharing your interests. This is what the theme type is all about.
  • Honeymoon cruises around the world Romantic or honeymoon types are common. This is one of the most common type that tourists opt for. It will give you an opportunity to spend quality time in each other’s company.
  • Family cruises These are the best way to spend quality time with your family. Sail on your favorite ship with your spouse, kids, and peers. Select a time when your kids have holidays. It can be a holiday of a lifetime.

Cruise  Destinations 

  1. Alaska cruise  destinations  This include some of the important places in and around the country. Alaska attracts people from far and wide with its undisputed beauty. This involve spectacular locations. The various locations covered in this route take you to the glaciers, sunset views and to the dolphins.
  2. Carnival Cruise  Destinations  This  destination  enliven your spirits. These  destinations  are becoming popular among holiday makers. During the festive season if you set off for a sailing trip then this type is the best option that you can avail.
  3. Caribbean Cruise  Destinations  The best time to set off for this time is during the months of December and May. The cruises are usually full during these months. So, you need to book your trip well in advance. Greneda, St kittes, St lucis, Cayman Isles. Jamaica, Mexico are the famous  destination  that you can set for.

Source by Ameria Hat

The Top 5 Family Holiday Destinations in Spain

When it comes to choosing the ideal holiday destination, Spain has cemented itself as one of the top locations. Its brilliant combination of glorious weather, tourist attractions, culture and vibrant nightlife makes it the perfect destination to spend our holiday period and with all this to offer, it comes as no surprise why many choose to visit time and time again.

However, when it comes to choosing an appropriate family holiday, many of us can become unsure as to where the best destinations are. When it comes to Spain however, there is plenty to satisfy all families, no matter what type of holidays you may be used to.


Barcelona has been a favourite location for many who enjoy nothing more than soaking up some brilliant culture and scenery. Although this is primarily a more sight-seeing location, it also provides a fantastic backdrop for a family holiday-especially for those families who have slightly older children. With a wide range of galleries and museums, there is plenty to keep your family entertained here, and also provides a great way in which to escape some of the scorching hot weather you can hope to experience during its hotter months.

You will also find many street performers and entertainers throughout the city as you explore which are sure to put a spring in your step and leave you astounded with their talent. For those who are keen on sport, a must see location is the Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys which was home to the 1992 Olympics and the Nou Camp Football Stadium, home to world-famous Barcelona FC. With fantastic transport facilities in the city, you will have the chance to experience everything the city has to offer-perfect for families who love to learn and explore at the same time.

To top it all, Barcelona also boasts wonderful sandy Mediterranean beaches just minutes walk from the city centre.


For those families who love a bit of fun and frolics, Benidorm has to be the ideal location. Located just outside of Alicante, Benidorm houses glorious, sandy beaches, masses of entertainment and fantastic eating facilities-perfect for both families with both young and older children. Many parents may worry about their children becoming bored, but with various attractions within Benidorm, that is something you need not worry about.

One of the biggest attractions is the Terra Mitica Park which is a theme park guaranteed to leave all involved exhilarated and wanting to stay all day! However, for those who are looking to escape from the heat there is also the Aqualandia Water Park which is a fantastic day out for those who love water rides, or who simply wish to lie back and soak up the rays.

You will also find the Terra Natura Park and Mundormar Marine Animal Park for those looking for animal and nature lovers. With a great variety of night entertainment from live music, family friendly pubs and a wide range of cuisine in the restaurants, everyone is sure to be happy here.


Galicia is not an area within Spain many have heard much about, but is known as being one of Spain’s provinces. This is the perfect destination for sun worshipping families who love to mix relaxing in the sun with exploring their surroundings. It is known for providing its tourists with a ‘real’ sense of Spain with its fantastic display of culture and heritage, but also has some breathtaking landscapes in the form of mountainous countryside, bays and coves.

What’s more, this is the perfect place to experience all the Spanish cuisine has to offer with many of the restaurants providing some of the most delicious tapas you will ever experience. Again, this is more situated for an older family, but is a great place to explore and experience.


When it comes to Spain, many of us will automatically think of its beautiful weather and sandy beaches. However, for those families who wish to have a bit of adventure mixed with culture, Granada is the ideal holiday destination. Granada is situated by the Sierra Nevada ski resort, providing its tourists with the chance to mix lying in the sun with skiing through the snowy slopes-a brilliant combination for both novice and experienced skiers.

However, if skiing is not really your thing, there are many gorgeous areas oozing with culture and beauty for you to explore such as the Alhambra Palace and Generalife, which houses beautiful fountains and gardens-the perfect way to spend a glorious day out with your family. You will also find some magnificent museums such as the Archaeological Museum and the Science Museum-guaranteed to keep your children quiet and amused! However for those children who may get slightly bored by this, a quick whizz down the ski slopes or fun at the beach with the many water sports which are available, are sure to keep them happy and entertained.


Finally there is the fantastic city of Madrid. Originally popular due to its vast amount of culture and sights, its popularity has led to some fantastic developments which has now made it a popular family holiday location. As with many of the areas within Spain, Madrid houses masses of attractions such as the Faunia Theme Park, Zoo-Aquarium and Warner Bros-Madrid Theme Park-perfect for children of all ages, and adults!

As you would expect from a city, you will also find a wide range of shops here from traditional trinket stores to designer’s stores which will allow you to bring some souvenirs back or merely take advantage of any possible discounts typical of European shopping. For night time entertainment, you will be spoilt for choice in Madrid with cinemas, theatres, the ballet, and opera and for those old enough-some of the best night clubs in the whole of Europe. With masses of restaurants serving food from all over the world and many family friendly pubs providing some great live music, there is something for every family here.

When it comes to a great family holiday in Spain you will be spoilt for choice. So take the plunge and see what a great holiday experience you and your family can have on the holiday of a lifetime!

Source by Mark Scriven